Brown EVO Fixed Tooth Mulcher

Our Brown Mulching Heads are available in a wide range of sizes and designs for your hydraulically driven carrier of choice.  Our mower heads can be as small as our compact 30 inch cutting surface models such as the Raptor line of our mulching heads, or as large as our 60-inch cutting surface model such as our 5.0 E


  • Run with or without an Auxiliary Engine.
  • Heavy Duty Construction, Adjustable Cutting Height, and Modular Design
  • Easy and Low Maintenance – Only 2 grease fittings!
  • Long tool life, 300+ hours
  • Ability to clear up to 24″ with appropriate hydraulics
  • Safety – The required mower head of the major Rail Roads
  • Patented Design – Fixed and Flail Tooth Mower patents
  • Compatibility – Can be attached on just about any carrier
  • We don’t just build, we use! Our mower design has been tested and used in the clearing of 20,000+ acres a year by the same company that builds them. If there was a better mower, we would be using it.
4.0 E503500 – 500050"482850
3.0 E503500 – 500042"402650
3.0 EM302800 – 500042"402650

* GPM is the Auxiliary Hydraulic Gallons Per Minute required to run the mower attachment at its full effectiveness
* Weights may vary depending on the attachment point