About Brown Forestry Products

John Brown, hailing from Weare, New Hampshire, ventured into the realm of land clearing and vegetation management in the 1950s. He began his journey with transmission line clearing contracts for local utilities in New Hampshire, and as his prowess for impeccable work became renowned, he expanded his services to Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. In the subsequent decade, John’s company ventured into extensive herbicide applications for electric and pipeline right-of-ways (ROWs). However, by the early 1980s, after selling this venture, John pivoted to commercial land clearing. Notably, he crafted the innovative Brontosaurus land clearing system, sensing a potential decline in herbicide usage, particularly in the Northeast.

John’s vision was clear: he aimed to craft a machine adept at functioning efficiently throughout the year, irrespective of the diverse terrain and climatic shifts of central New England. The Brontosaurus land clearing mulching head was the fruit of this vision. As its fame grew, John patented this system, birthing a subsidiary, J.C.B. Leasing, to usher in the Bronto forestry and brush clearing attachment to a wider North American audience and even beyond. At present, John Brown & Sons commands an impressive fleet of over 30 Brontosaurus Mowers and various land clearing machinery, with operations spanning central New England to central and south Florida, maintaining vast expanses of land annually.

The Brontosaurus Mowers have carved a niche in several markets, catering to:

  • Electric Utilities for transmission and distribution ROWs.
  • Maintenance and installation for oil and gas pipelines.
  • Vegetation management for Public Works and DOT.
  • Forestry tasks like selective thinning, pre and post-harvest maintenance, and plantation care.
  • Railroad vegetation management, both on and off-track.
  • Preservation of fish and wildlife habitats.
  • Wetland conservation.
  • Ski resort maintenance.
  • Vegetation management for US Department of Defense military bases, spanning the Army, Air Force, and Navy.
  • Commercial and residential clearing, emphasizing selective thinning for building sites and roads.

One of the hallmark features of the Bronto is its unparalleled capability to function seamlessly across varied terrains, through every season, irrespective of the weather conditions. Its output? A pristine work area free of stumps, yielding a consistent biodegradable mulch. The association with globally recognized carriers, ensuring seamless sales, parts, and services, further amplifies Bronto’s triumph.

Since 2002, the torch of John Brown & Sons has been carried forward by John’s sons, Michael and Charles, steering the company towards newer heights. Michael’s progeny, Carter, who joined the ranks in 1999, embodies the third generation of the Brown lineage, eager to extend the monumental legacy that John initiated over half a century ago.