Brown BABY RAPTOR X Mulching Head for 4-5 Ton Excavators

Introducing the Brown Baby Raptorx, our compact yet mighty head. Tailored for 5 ton compact excavators, the Brown Raptor is the attachment that’s been on your wish list. Transform your mini excavator into a multifaceted profit generator.


  • Engineered for 4-5 ton Mini-Excavators, our GEAR MOTOR design requires NO CASE DRAIN
  • Sturdy yet lightweight, optimized for small excavators.
  • Ideal for tasks such as roadside clearing, field upkeep, and domestic projects.
  • Department of Transportation’s seal of approval.
  • Perfect addition to rental fleets.
  • Expect extended tool longevity with a low-cost fixed tooth drum, ranging between 300 to 600 hours.
  • Swift tooth replacements with a one-bolt tooth design.
  • Quick-change system with a bolt-on excavator attachment feature – effortlessly switch mounts for various mini excavators.
  • Modular blueprint allows for straightforward motor swaps and attachment point alterations.
  • Direct Drive ensures maximum power transmission.
  • Cutting tooth innovation facilitates easy slicing through both brush and trees.
  • Compatible with your excavator’s thumb (given it’s plumbed for dual operations).
  • Robust bearings ensure longevity with a held/floating design.
  • Covered by a comprehensive 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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* GPM is the Auxiliary Hydraulic Gallons Per Minute required to run the mower attachment at its full effectiveness
* Weights may vary depending on the attachment point

Frequently Asked Questions

Why opt for a cutting-edge style tooth?

There are primarily three tooth styles: Planar, Cobra, and Carbide Tipped.

  • Planar Teeth are excellent, all-purpose teeth which perform in trees and excel in brushing applications.
  • Cobra teeth have a smaller initial piercing area, which makes the ideal choice when working primarily among trees.
  • Carbide teeth offer some protection from accidental ground-engaging but are better suited for low speed, high torque applications.

Chain vs. Belt Deflector: How do they differ?

  • Our Raptor mower heads come standard with chain deflectors, built robustly to prevent large debris from overshooting. These chains, attached to an easily replaceable guard, are extremely durable.
  • Belt deflectors excel in deflection, but lack flexibility. Back swinging on a stump might cause damage. However, they can effectively pile up brush for easy mowing and mulching.

Can you handle a heap of brush?

Certainly! Although mowing a standing tree is preferred, ground brush and pre-piled brush can be easily managed.

Daily clearing capacity?

Machinery of this caliber can clear approximately 1.5 to 2 acres daily.

Is the mower head robust?

Without a doubt! Crafted from Hardox, it stands resilient against flexing and is doubly robust compared to mild steel. Our mower heads impress with their heavy-duty build, devoid of any compromises.

RPM specifications?

Our heads operate at about 1400 to 1600 RPM.

Why does competitor XXXX’s mower head operate at a higher RPM?

Mostly, it’s due to their tooth design requiring higher speeds. A higher RPM compromises torque and increases wait time before the next cut. This isn’t ideal. With fixed horsepower, as RPM increases, torque diminishes.

For example, using the formula for Torque = (HP x 5252) / RPM:

A 60 HP excavator with our head spinning at 1500 RPM generates 210-foot pounds of torque. Doubling the RPM to 3000 reduces torque to 105 foot-pounds.

Nature of your bearings: fixed or floating?

It’s versatile – our bearing design allows for easy switching between held and floating modes via a simple twist lock mechanism.

What’s implied by “modular design”?

Our heads are conceived for flexibility. For instance, a person with a 10,000 lb excavator who later acquires a 22,000 lb one can use the same head. All it requires is a quick swap of attachment points and a matching hydraulic motor for the new excavator.