Brown Auxiliary Engines / Pony Motors

Auxiliary Engines, also known as Pony Motors, have the potential to amplify the power of even a modest excavator, transforming it into a mowing powerhouse. Whether it’s a massive CAT or John Deere or a more compact Komatsu 88, we can supercharge virtually any excavator to ensure it accomplishes the task efficiently.

Brown Forestry Products is a holistic custom manufacturing unit. While there are numerous advantages to owning a compact carrier—like easy transportation and the ability to navigate tight spaces—to equip your mulching head with the kind of power seen in larger machines like the CAT 312 or John Deere 120’s, a “power pack” becomes essential. This allows your machinery to achieve hydraulic flows comparable to 300-sized model excavators.

We can equip your carrier with either a robust 200 HP C6.6 CAT engine or a comparable John Deere 6-cylinder engine. Customized piping on the boom, combined with in-cab controls, sets up a Closed Loop hydraulic system. This configuration lets your carrier excel at its primary function, with a distinct hydraulic system powering your mower head, stump grinder, or other attachments.

While the inclusion of auxiliary engines is optional, for those deeply involved in forestry and land clearing, these engines significantly enhance both production speed and clearing capacity. They’re an investment that quickly justifies its value.