Brown Auxiliary Engine Power

Auxiliary Engines or Pony Motors as they can be called have the ability to turn a smaller excavator into the mower powerful machine available.  We can convert just about any excavator, from a large CAT or John Deere to a small Komatsu 88.  We can give your machine the power it needs to get the job done right.

John Brown & Sons and Brown Brontosaurus Manufacturing is a full-line custom manufacturing shop. There are many reasons to own a smaller-sized carrier; Ease of transportation, ability to maneuver in tight spaces, etc. But to put the same power to your mulching head those of us with CAT 312 / John Deere 120’s and similar sized machines, need to add a “power pack” to have the same hydraulic flow as a 300 sized model excavator.

We can outfit your carrier with your choice of either a 200 HP C6.6 CAT engine or similar John Deere 6 cylinder engine for your machine. Custom piping on the boom and controls in the cab create what is called a Closed Loop hydraulic system. This frees up your carrier to do what it does best and full power and separate hydraulic system to run your mower head, stump grinder, or other attachment.

The optional auxiliary engines are not needed, but for those that make forestry and land clearing their business, the auxiliary engines drastically speed up your production time and the size material you can clear, paying for themselves in very short order.

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