Brown X3 Mulching Head for Mini Excavators

Introducing the X3, the latest addition to our esteemed Raptor series of mini excavator mulchers. Designed to be a nimble mid-sized alternative for your larger excavators, the X3 promises unmatched value for your investment.

Features at a Glance:

  • Cutting Surface: 36-inch mower head
  • Knife Configuration: 39 fixed planer-style blades
  • Motor: Hydrostatic, operating between 18-29 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure Tolerance: Up to 5000 PSI
  • Smooth Cutting: Enhanced with a shear bar
  • Weight: 1100 lbs
  • Tool Longevity: Over 300 hours
  • Bearing Durability: Exceeds 2000 hours
  • Maintenance Ease: Comes with just 2 grease fittings.