Brown Stump Grinders

Our Model 30 and Model 50 stump grinders, using the Leonardi Wheel, will allow your excavator to far out perform any tow-behind style stump grinder. Grind 200 or more stumps in a day without changing your teeth.


  • Designed with both Open Loop and Closed Loop Excavators
  • Weighs approximately 1200 lbs
  • Perfect for Roadside Stumping, Land Clearing, and Residential Work
  • Department of Transportation
  • Rental Fleets
  • Extra-long life, low cost fixed tooth drum
  • Uses the proven Leonardi stump grinding wheel
Model 30303500 – 5000121200
Model 50503500 – 5000121400

* GPM is the Auxiliary Hydraulic Gallons Per Minute required to run the mower attachment at its full effectiveness
* Weights may vary depending on the attachment point

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